Yours Truly

morning benders

There are few things I find more rewarding than the discovery of something creatively inspiring. Anything that acts as a break form the ordinary is to me as refreshing as mountain air. I explore it eagerly, read everything I can about it, and eventually of course, I pass it on. And so it was that after a chance viewing of the video for “Excuses” by The Morning Benders I came across the San Francisco based collective “Yours Truly”. They are a group of designers, photographers and film makers obsessed with music. In their own words, they are out to “discover and document, celebrate and interrogate the singers and writers who’s craft, without question, demands our attention.”

To me it’s a marriage made in heaven. Not only is the music they’ve documented more interesting than anything on FM or TV, but the short films that complete each song give them personality and context. Each film has been made for a piece of music that the film maker clearly loves, and this makes the whole experience incredibly engaging. If you are remotely interested in music or film, check out and in particular the Morning Bender’s video for Excuses. Hopefully you’ll find it uplifting, maybe even inspiring, but if nothing else it will have given you a break form the ordinary for a few valuable minutes.

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