Top ten movies of 2010

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I’ve got REC2 in here, but you’ll appreciate it a whole lot more if you watch REC1 and REC2 back to back as they really should be seen as one film. Great fun. And you may have trouble finding This Is War as it was renamed “Sever Clear” in the US. Worth seeking out though. Other films that nearly made it were Lebanon, The Road, Kick Ass, How To Train Your Dragon, Up In The Air, and (despite what everyone else says), Devil. Interested to hear your comments, and any recommendations I’ve missed! P.

2 thoughts on “Top ten movies of 2010”

  1. Laurence de Rooij
     ·  Reply

    Hi Paul,

    I must say I really like your taste. Looking forward to watching the movies I hadn’t seen yet! Have you seen Shutter Island, and did you like it? Keep up the good work and who knows where we might meet again.

    Big hug from the Crazy Dutch Guy!

    • Lappin Design
       ·  Reply

      Cheers Lorenzo! I could have listed loads of good films from last year, but ten should keep you going for a while.

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