The Man Who Quit Money


I like to think I live fairly simply. I’m not particularly materialistic, my outgoings are minimal, I don’t have much debt, and the current “financial crisis” hasn’t hugely effected me. But I’ll never be able to do away with money completely. The idea of forsaking modern luxuries is just too big an ask for most of us. Buying things we don’t really need is ingrained in our culture – if you don’t own anything by Apple these days you’re practically an outcast. Daniel Suelo’s heartwarming story is about religion, family, travel, banking, and the history of money itself, but at it’s heart it is about one simple act, as old as man himself, that has the potential to drastically change the way we live – the simple act of sharing. “The Man Who Quit Money” is by Mark Sundeen and is published by Riverhead.

The Man Who Quit Money1 The Man Who Quit Money2

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