Animated Encounters 2006


Something fantastic is happening in Bristol next week. From Tuesday until Sunday, “Animated Encounters” and it’s sister event “Brief Encounters” jointly present some of the world’s best cinematic short films. This is, I kid you not, one of the world’s most important film festivals. It’s an exhibition of interesting, innovative and thought provoking short films. We are al,l in one way or another, interested in movies. Whether it’s off to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster, or choosing a DVD for a quiet night in; we want escapism, we want to be entertained. What the Encounters Festival offers you is something challenging. there are no million dollar budgets, no movie stars to worship, just simple, radical ideas put to film. And they’re right here on your doorstep. Go to and check out the listings. This week, think twice before going to the multiplex and wander down to the Watershed or the Arnolfini instead. You’ll find the films at Britain’s biggest short film festival much more rewarding.

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